Trench is Your Never-Ending Closet.

There’s a misconception that you cannot be an active consumer and promote sustainability in fashion at the same time. Trench allows you to do just that.

On Trench, you can treat the world as your wardrobe. Get a glimpse at anyone's style and literally grab it from their closet. And for the first time, you can buy and sell clothes without worrying about your finances, the environment or precious closet space.

Just launched in NYC, the Trench community is growing fast. We invite you to join the Trench movement!

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What is Trench

  • Gain more Diamonds by selling the items you no longer use and keep shopping as much as you like.

  • Bought something on TRENCH? Wore it a few times and don’t plan on wearing it again? Resell it whenever you want and maintain the item’s value!

  • Shop without spending a dime and let go of items in your closet with no regrets.

  • Renew your style on a daily basis.

  • Buy from your favorite closets with the Diamond fashion coin without any money involved.


We are announcing the 2018 Z Best Dressed list makers soon, stay tune.